BILSING has invested significant time and research into the development of lighter, stiffer and more harmonically stable tools made from high modulus, graphite carbon fiber.  Our Cf solutions deliver increased strength and rigidity without being brittle – yet weigh less than half of traditional materials.  Well-suited for crossbar beams, loading and unloading beams, destacking beams, panel loading t-booms, and tooling supports for bodyshop, pressroom, injection molding and other operations, Cf can improve production rates by up to 20%.

This unique fastening methodology developed by BILSING is used to secure joints on our Carbon Fiber (CF) tooling booms, resulting in a joint as strong as a steel weld while lowering manufacturing costs. This innovation marries the carbon fiber structures at the joints first with an adhesive and then reinforces it with steel bolts through the core. Previous technologies needed to achieve this level of strength required joints of the CF profiles to be laminated over the joints leading to higher manufacturing costs.