BILSING AUTOMATION is able to create an accurate working model for optimized process simulations for new dies, tooling and automation.  After the scanning process, we create a digital model of the line with a dynamic accuracy of +2mm. The model can then be used to simulate various production scenarios, ensuring your line will launch without any collisions or hiccups. We are able to identify gaps in your production process and therefore to optimize your presses (hydraulic, mechanical & servo presses) or robots to achive a higher output in your manufacturing process.

Other advantages are:

• Supply of OP-parts is not necessary
• Decreased shutdown time, because adjustment and testing on the simulator is not necessary
• Collision test inclusive determination of safety distances
• If applicable identifying necessary adjustments of dies
• Improved transfer movement
• Offline Robot programming
• Expertise of forming process times and slowest process
• Increased stroke rates and output of complete press line